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Top 6 Fruits and Veggies to Help Boost Your Immunity

At we do all produce, nuts, dry goods, herbs and spices.  We offer an array of product to meet many needs.  So we want to find ways to help our customers eat more plant based foods to help boost their immunity.  The immune system is what helps us fight off any viruses or diseases our bodies encounter.  After thorough research we believe the top 6 immunity boosters are red bell pepper, mushrooms, acai berry, spinach, broccoli, and garlic.  These all play key roles in keeping the immune system functioning at its best.

Red bell pepper packs more vitamin C than any citrus and can be tied into most meals.  Give yourself a bell pepper challenge and figure out how you can get a serving of them each day for a week.  Pump it up and mix up the colors and do a bell pepper medley saute, make fajitas, a bell pepper lasagna, or chop them up and put them in your scrambled eggs.  All bell peppers provide nutrients but the red ones pack the most vitamin c punch!

Mushrooms are one of the most unique produce items, and you can do so many different things with them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Mushrooms go great with bell peppers, spinach, broccoli, and garlic.  Throw it all in a pasta for extra immunity boosting nutrients.  Maybe put them on a kabob stick with some coco amino sauce and bbq, saute them for 10 mins with some olive oil and garlic, or go for the giant portobello mushroom and make a burger out of it!

Acai Berries are known these days for their immune boosting powers, mostly in smoothie or drink forms.  We were reading around and found some really good acai berry ice cream recipes, tarts, and maybe even pies to mix it up.  Those would be fun to try something different.

Spinach is a super nutrient powerhouse.  We eat it almost everyday at home, and eating it raw is the best way to take in all those vitamins and immune boosters.  Whether its a simple spinach salad, a smoothie, or tossing a few handfuls into your pasta, spinach can be a quick and easy addition to any meal.  Also, it's flavor is pretty mild in comparison to kale or other green leafs.

Broccoli can be added into many meals like mac n cheese, potato skillet, and any kind of cold/hot  pasta salads.  How you cut the broccoli up will better help this vegetable blend into the meal, cut it so that it resembles the size of the other foods in the dish. Also, fresh broccoli always tastes better than frozen broccoli.

Garlic is known to help fight colds and flus, but can be added to most meals and even steeped into teas.  A bedtime tea steeped with garlic, maybe some tumeric, honey and some lemon is a fantastic anti-inflammatory tea.  This allows your body to basically calm itself and thus allows it to better fight against other viruses and bacterias.  



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