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Top 5 Tomato Varieties and What To Do with Them

When I researched tomato varieties I wasn't prepared to find there are over 3,000 different kinds all over the world.  In light of that discovery, I will narrow it down to the most popular California tomatoes.  I hope that after reading this, you are able to figure out much quicker which tomato is best for what you are making.  Dont just stare at the tomato section like, "Well that ones looks the prettiest," instead, know which one has the proper texture and flavor for what you need.  

The Red Beefsteak Tomato, aka Heirloom Beefsteak Tomato, is considered very meaty and has a ton of water content, so eating this in large slices or pieces is a good idea, and so is cooking it down into a sauce.  I plan on making Gluten-free Panko Crusted Beefsteak Tomatoes tomorrow for appetizer.  

Green Beefsteak Tomatoes I have never tried and need to discover. Apparently, they can be used as a replacement for green apples.  They have a firm crunchy tart inside. Put that to the test and make a Green Beefsteak Tomato Pie.

TOV'S (Tomatoes on the Vine) can be used in all manners of cooking. Stuffing, dicing, slicing, simmering, or baking, make them one of the most universal varieties.  TOV's are sweet in flavor and have great texture.

Roma (plum) Tomatoes are sweet, have a lot of texture, and very little water content.  If there's a recipe where you don't want more liquids then these are the guys for you. Some uses include adding them into a dish of pasta, where they wont fall apart too much, or use in a salad.

Cocktail Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes are both small, but different.  Cocktail Tomatoes are slightly larger and make a good companion for salads or appetizers.  Cherry Tomatoes are great for baking, roasting, or throwing it together with a pasta because they hold their shape well.  However, they do have very little meat inside and a lot of water content.  


Knowing what variety of tomato to use in what situation can make or break a dish. It's like having the right tool for the right job. I hope this guide helped you as you explore creating new exciting tomato dishes. 

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