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Tie Apples Into the Holidays!

Tie Apples Into the Holidays!

With the holidays coming up, it's always fun to find a unique way to make the traditional foods we eat a little more unique.  Lets put a twist on a few of our "standard" holiday staples.

First up, Apple Cranberry Sauce.  Some people prefer the good ol' canned cranberry sauce.  Personally, I could never stand the stuff and enjoy fresh homemade sauce.  It's the easiest part of the holiday meal making process. Let's twist it up by adding some firm crunchy apples.  Sometimes just changing something small can really make a huge difference.  Pre-make this before the holidays with an air-fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and see if you like it.  Ask yourself if it will make the cut for turkey day?


Try this Apple Pie Ice Cream, instead of just traditional apple pie with vanilla ice cream.   You can pre-make this and don't have to heat anything up the day of.  I chose to make this ice cream using goat milk, to try and make it a little easier on my daughter's tummy, despite the whipping cream.  Every little change counts when you are watching what you eat.  We use Pamela's Gluten Free Graham crackers, which are better than the traditional ones we are used to, my husband prefers them in fact!  Scoop out the perfect large round ball and serve them in individual ice cream cups or jars and voila!


Ok, here's a yummy appetizer or dessert recipe for adults, kids, or anyone who likes finger foods.  This Caramel Apple Dip and Chips has only one challenge, homemade cream cheese, if you don't want to use the store bought ones that have preservatives.  The link is: 

If you want to make this super quick then take that route.  This dip makes eating caramel apples easy and finger licking good.  You can even mix up the toppings or have like three different choices on top.  I think I will go with oreo, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate chips, not all together but in three different sections so friends have a choice.  If you make it for kids you can do a section with sprinkles!



I made the dip.  The kids came in, demolished most of it, ran off happy for such a yummy snack. I tried to salvage what I could for my husband to have a bite.  This was truly easy when using the pre-made cream cheese, but I have a feeling the homemade cream cheese is worth taking 15-30 mins to make.



This fall, go for it.  Try something you haven't made before.  Maybe it's ice cream, a fresh crunchy cranberry sauce, or a quick dip to take to the big family event. People will be impressed when they learned you made your own cream cheese.  It's actually pretty easy and much healthier without the preservatives.  Happy apple eating! 








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